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Giros Seguros

We understand that each client has different needs. Each country has different Commission fees.

  1. Register with us either by phone or by using our online Registration form
  2. Commission rate from £1.50 to 6.0% depending on the country.
  3. Contact us to make your transfer (via phone, WhatsApp, text or email)
  4. Choose from a range of convenient options below to send your money:

Online transfer

Once you are registered with us, you will be able to use our online money transfer service anytime you need to send money. All you need to do is send the amount required into our account and either call, text or email us to confirm the details of your transfer. Your transfer will be paid the same day to the correspondent specified.

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Bank branches

If you are an existing customer with an active account, we will send you the Bank details to enable you to transfer or credit on different branches in the UK. Once you’ve placed your transfer, all you need to do is call, text or email and your transfer will be completed the same day.

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Standing Order

If you need to send a set amount of money on a specific date, either in Pesos, Dollars, Euros, or Pounds, you only need to give us the information once and we will do the rest for you. It couldn’t be easier. Your transfer will be sent automatically every month, on the date specified.

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